Thursday, 3 May 2012

Letter About The King's Health

LO: To fillet a passage for relevant information

       To rewrite a letter using modern day English language.

TASK: read Princess Victoria’s letter to her uncle; the language used in the letter is different from today's. Victoria's demeanour is old fashioned. 

Rewrite this letter in modern style and language.

Access the letter here:  

1st May 2010
LO: To rewrite a letter using modern day language.
Kensington palace
June 19th 1837
Dearest Uncle,
              How are you doing? It has been ages since I’ve seen you. How is the family? Your thoughtful kind letter which has just reached me, I find very useful indeed,; the  contained advice was given to me by our good friend Stockmar. I hope you will accept my best thanks for it.
              Before I write another word, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with Stockmar. He has been really supportive and my entire confidence is placed in him.
              The king’s state, I have to say is hopeless. He’s probably going to hold on for a couple more days but there is no way he can entirely recover. Yesterday the palace doctors said he would not hold till morning, but he is much better today. The problem is that his pulse is not beating and he is in a state of pain and excessive weakness.
              Poor uncle I feel bad for him; he personally has been  pretty nice to me; I would be ungrateful and selfish if I forgot this.
              I am really excited about the event which is going to happen soon with  quietness and calmness; I am surprised but at the same time I don’t suppose myself equal to all; However I trust that with good will and courage I will not fail. I did not show myself, to belong to any party and I do not belong to a party.
              I do not need to say much more but that I trust my powerful being which has watched my destinies for ages and will guide and support me, in any situation.
              Love from, your loving, caring niece,

Lesson evaluation I learned how to rewrite a letter written over 100 years ago in modern English.
Teacher’s feedback: Well done C, The last three paragraphs could have been written more in your own words.
Next step: I will write in my own words.

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