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Letter About The King's Health

Monday 30th April 2010

Lo: to fillet a passage for relevant information.

Kennington palace

April 30th 2010.

My dearly loved Uncle,

How are you  dear uncle  and how is the queen ,I hope you and your family are all well. Thank you for the previous letter you have sent me. I found it very useful, wise and informative. A good piece of advice was also given to me by Stockmar our priceless friend. And I am also very thankful to have him as a guardian.

Before I write anything else on this letter, let me just inform you of how contented I am to have Stockmar as he been of the greatest assistance to me and be confident that he has my most entire trust.

The king’s state know I can say is hopeless the doctor said he might struggle on a few days but he cannot be revived fully; however yesterday the doctor also stated the he will not see another day but he is a bit stronger today but we are all scared if his illness becomes even worse and no pulse at all.

 Poor man I feel sorry for him because he has always been kind to me. Overall I know that god will give him a better place in the afterlife.

I look forward to the event which seems very likely to happen but I am sure I will not fail you with the help of Stockmar and you.

I beg to take my leave now love,


by KK

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