Thursday, 10 May 2012

Queen Victoria Love and Marriage

LO: to research facts about Queen Victoria's Love and Marriage. 

      2) To write about: The Most Influential Person in my Life 

Victoria's Uncle King Leopold 1 of the Belgians seemed to have had a lot of influence in her life e.g. arranging for her to meet her future husband.

 Who is the most influential person in your own life?
What does this person do to influence your actions?
What could life be without this person's influence?

To write about the most influential person in my life
The most influential person in my life 

The most influential people in my life are my mother and my father.

They are equally marvellous in their own ways and they both make sure that I am doing well in school, following all the rules and most importantly, they make sure that everything is fine. They take me to many places abroad such as Spain, Greece e.t.c and I show my appreciation and gratitude to them because not all people get to go anywhere apart from London or wherever they live. They are an enormous part of my life and I respect that.

One of many things that they helped me with was choosing my secondary school which I am going to be attending next year. It was a very complicated and tough time but they accomplished it with their absolutely wonderful guidance and all their time and effort put into it. I would have never been able to cope with such heavy plates on my hand and having to go for an interview. Not only do I thank them for that, but for the fact that they’re a part of my life and that they help me every single minute and second.

Without such role models, my life wouldn’t be the same. I do not always depend on them to do everything for me or spoon feed me because really, I am capable of doing those things for myself. They encourage me, they tell me what I’m doing wrong, they tell me what I’m doing right and they tell me what I need to improve on, for an example , my maths, for me to get better in it.

All about my mother    
My wonderful mother, she is always helping me, giving me good advice and she makes sure that I do well in school and hand in my homework every single week. She is not only helpful, but she is very hardworking to give herself and her family a good life.

My father
 A very hard worker. He is kind and is a great role model and when I am feeling upset, he is the person that you’ll need to be cheered up. Well, what can I say? , he’s an absolute star....

That is why my mother and father are the most influential people in my life.  

Pupils comment on lesson: I found this lesson really good because it was not something that we had never done before; we had done it before so that made it much easier.

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