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Queen Victoria Love and Marriage

LO: to research facts about Queen Victoria's Love and Marriage. 

      2) To write about: The Most Influential Person in my Life 

Victoria's Uncle King Leopold 1 of the Belgians seemed to have had a lot of influence in her life e.g. arranging for her to meet her future husband.

 Who is the most influential person in your own life?
What does this person do to influence your actions?
What could life be without this person's influence?

To write about the most influential person in my life
The most influential person in my life 

The most influential people in my life are my mother and my father.

They are equally marvellous in their own ways and they both make sure that I am doing well in school, following all the rules and most importantly, they make sure that everything is fine. They take me to many places abroad such as Spain, Greece e.t.c and I show my appreciation and gratitude to them because not all people get to go anywhere apart from London or wherever they live. They are an enormous part of my life and I respect that.

One of many things that they helped me with was choosing my secondary school which I am going to be attending next year. It was a very complicated and tough time but they accomplished it with their absolutely wonderful guidance and all their time and effort put into it. I would have never been able to cope with such heavy plates on my hand and having to go for an interview. Not only do I thank them for that, but for the fact that they’re a part of my life and that they help me every single minute and second.

Without such role models, my life wouldn’t be the same. I do not always depend on them to do everything for me or spoon feed me because really, I am capable of doing those things for myself. They encourage me, they tell me what I’m doing wrong, they tell me what I’m doing right and they tell me what I need to improve on, for an example , my maths, for me to get better in it.

All about my mother    
My wonderful mother, she is always helping me, giving me good advice and she makes sure that I do well in school and hand in my homework every single week. She is not only helpful, but she is very hardworking to give herself and her family a good life.

My father
 A very hard worker. He is kind and is a great role model and when I am feeling upset, he is the person that you’ll need to be cheered up. Well, what can I say? , he’s an absolute star....

That is why my mother and father are the most influential people in my life.  

Pupils comment on lesson: I found this lesson really good because it was not something that we had never done before; we had done it before so that made it much easier.

By XX .

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Queen Victoria Love and Marriage

8th May 2012

LO: To write about the most influential person in my life. 

The most Inspirational person in the world is the most famous teacher, Fidelia Nimmons.

This teacher helps me with my writing and in science. She is a really kind and lovable teacher; she makes me understand every word she says so that I don’t get confused.

Miss Nimmons also put up a special website called Kingdom of Benin blogs. This helps me with every subject I do; without Miss Nimmons, I would have been a level two in English, Science and Spelling; and I do not want to be in secondary school with a level 2; that would be disgraceful for me.

Now that I have Miss Nimmons, I can do anything since I’m a level 5; I can do the things that were Impossible for me before and I’m now that I’m in the top group as well, I feel really enthusiastic and joyful. That’s why I think Miss Nimmons is the most influential person in my life.

Teachers comment: Thank you B, I much appreciate this.
My comment: Thanks. Next step: I’ll use even more powerful words.

The most Influential person in my life
My Nan is the most influential person in my life, she helps me with my homework. She helped show me around Peckham when I was little. She is supportive when I’m boxing, telling me to knock people out. She lets my friends stay over, and she lets me stay over at her house any time I want.

The most Influential thing my Nan had done for me is she made me go to boxing so I would be a heavyweight champion. At the time I was getting bulled, and she said that to stop the bullies I should go to boxing and get tough.

Without my Nan my life would be a misery because the bullies would have kept on bullying me and I would feel unhappy and scared.

Queen Victoria Love and Marriage

LO: to research facts about Queen Victoria's Love and Marriage. 

      2) To write about: The Most Influential Person in my Life

Victoria's Uncle King Leopold 1 of the Belgians seemed to have had a lot of influence in her life e.g. arranging for her to meet her future husband.

Who is the most influential person in your own life?
What does this person do to influence your actions?
What could life be without this person's influence?


The Most Influential Person in my life

My mum is the most influential person in my opinion because she’s always there for me and looks after and treats me the way a real mum is supposed to.

I love my mum because she is so special;  she gives me special treatment when I’m hurt or anything bad happens to me. She looks out for me everywhere to see if I’m alright and does lots more things for me.

She gets me to do my homework when I’m not interested in it, even when I am difficult; before I used to think that she was making me do my homework because she was being mean but now, I realize she’s doing it for my sake; she doesn’t want me to be a low life person on the street without no home or anything of the sort; she wants me to grow up to be a big man.

 My mum wants me to succeed in life, she most of all wants me to go university to achieve the chance to be a big man with a big house and good job. That’s why my mum is the most influential person in my life.


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Blog or Journal

To compare two types of diary writing

We are comparing Queen Victoria’s entry of her coronation with princess Iyomon’s web blogs. Queen Victoria’s log was rewritten by her youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice whereas Princess Iyomon’s blogs are written by our teacher, Fidelia Nimmons, where she heard the information from princess Iyomon’s very own grand children. 

What is the style of each one? 
Princess Iyomon’s diary entry is informal, which means it’s used in a form of when you are talking or writing to your best friends of members of your family. In princess Iyomon’s diary entry you’ll notice that it’s written to her best friend Uwa, which links to being informal. Some informal words and sentences that princess Iyomon uses in the text is; ‘picks me up like a two year old, cheers for now, I have a fan club to build;’, and some more. Princess Victoria’s diary entry is written a bit different, because it’s formal, which is strictly following the accepted rules and big words and a bit difficult to read. In the text, Queen Victoria uses some formal words and sentences such as, ‘millions of my loyal subjects, assembled in every spot;’, and much more.  

What Information is included in each?    
In Queen Victoria’s journal, she describes her loyal subjects in other words are people. She says that their good and excessive humour was beyond everything and she couldn’t really explain how delighted and pleased and exquisite she felt to be the queen of such a nation. She also described her emotions and relations between her family and friends. 

On the other hand, Princess Iyomon described her journey to her maternal granddad’s house and the type of sounds and paths they walked through such as , various windy forest paths and how many hours it took to get to her destination. She said that she played with her cousins and at the very end of her log, she said;, ‘Cheers for now, I have to build a fan club’.

What is the same about both logs?
Both Victoria and princess Iyomon’s logs were written by different people because Victoria’s log was written by her youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice. Princess Iyomon’s log was written by our teacher called Fidelia Nimmons, where the information was collected by princess Iyomon’s very own granddaughters.  

What was different about both logs?
What was different about both logs is that princess Iyomon’s log was informal and Victoria’s log was formal. In Princess Iyomon’s log she used very chatty words and some slang whereas Victoria’s log was very hard to understand and had old English in it. 
What do you like about each one? / What did you find challenging?
Princess Iyomon: I liked that in princess Iyomon’s log, she used modern day language and it was easy to read and understand. I also liked that she used some phrases and words that children use these days because it could have been complicated to read but instead it was easy to read and funny at the same time. I did not find anything challenging.

Victoria: I liked that in Victoria’s log, she explained her emotions and how proud she was to be the Queen. I liked that she never just mentioned ladies, she wrote down all of their names to be a bit more specific. What I found challenging about this text is that, there was so many difficult words and it definitely wasn’t easy to read.

What one do you prefer and why?

All in all, I prefer princess Iyomon’s log because it was really exiting and absolutely fun. I liked that she used some slang and every single word was easy to understand. It felt almost as if it was real because your family member does what she mentioned in the text. The reason why I did not choose Victoria’s log is because there were no paragraphs, too much explaining on one subject and lots of difficult words. She also used old English and it was like it was a recount.


Feedback on lesson: I really enjoyed learning about this, it was really fun and I was getting into it more and more. I fully understand the history in the lesson.
Teacher's Comment: I look forward to teaching you the next lesson; it’s all very exciting for me too!

Blog or Journal

LO: To compare two types of diary writing.

We are comparing Queen Victoria’s journal entry of her coronation as Queen with Princess Iyomon web logs. Queen Victoria’s log had to be rewritten by her youngest daughter Princess Beatrice; whilst Mrs Nimmons (our teacher) writes Princess Iyomon’s web logs (blog).

The first way they are different is that Queen Victoria wrote in formal style whilst Princes Iyomon’s blogs are in informal style.

The second way is their use of language. Princess Iyomon’s blogs uses chatty and personal language such as “ What a day I’ve had!”. On the other hand, Queen Victoria used official and impersonal language like “rendered the spectacle most imposing”. That is one of the reasons why I like Princess Iyomon’s more than Queen Victoria’s.

Queen Victoria used information about her fans and how she felt about everything; she also wrote about her loyal subjects and described how they dressed. Princess iyomion used language which tells us that she was not yet very popular because she is young and not that many people know her.

One of the differences is that both of them did not write the logs. Our teacher wrote for Princess Iyomon and Princess Beatrice rewrote Queen Victoria’s, no doubt adding some more details than the original. We can tell this from Queen Victoria’s journal initially starts with the time included e.g. “At 10, I got into the stage coach;” “Reached the Abbey a little after past 11”. As other events do not have time alongside them, it is safe to say that most of this journal log was written by Princess Beatrice.

I liked how Princess Iyomon’s uses chatty and informal style. The language used is very good too and I could relate to them. I did not like Queen Victoria’s because of the unfamiliar words and the organisation, there were no paragraphs used and little punctuation, these made it hard for me to read and understand. 

I think I prefer Princess Iyomon’s because of how it is written out.

Today I learnt how to compare two different types of diaries in terms of their style and the language used and how these affects the reader's understanding of them. It was a fun lesson. 

Blog or Journal

LO: To compare two types diary writing

We are comparing Queen Victoria’s journals entry of her coronation with princess Iyomon web logs. Queen Victoria’s log was rewritten by her youngest daughter Princess Beatrice Princess Iyomon blogs are written by our teacher from oral accounts.

What is the style of each one?
Princess Victoria is formal because is big words and hard for understand.
Princess Iyomon is informal because is easy for understand.

 What sort of languages is used?
 Princess Iyomon is Chatty because is simple.
Princess Victoria’s is official because is list of information.      

What information is included is each?
Princess Victoria’s was describing her coronation and how many people come to see her. Princess Iyomon  went to visit her granddad and describes how she played with her cousins.

What is the same about them?
Princess Victoria’s and Princess Iyomon’s both logs of long ago.

 What is difference about them?
Princess Iyomon use the blog but Princess Victoria’s is use the diary.

 What do you like about one each?
I like Princess Iyomon because she goes to adventures and Princess Victoria’s is not friends.

What do you find challenging about each one?
Queen Victoria’s hard very hard.

Which do you prefer and why?
I like Princess Iyomon because she is happy and she has friends and is go to adventures and blogs about them and I like this.

Blog or Journal

LO: To compare two types of diary writing.

We are comparing Queen Victoria journal entry of her coronation with Princess Iyomons web logs. Queen Victoria log was written by her youngest daughter Princess Beatrice; whilst Princess Iyomons blogs are written by our teacher Mrs Nimmons from oral accounts to her by Princess Iyomon's grand children.

Princess Iyomon’s log is informal as it is chatty easy to understand like ‘We finally arrived just before darkness fell.’. This is very easy to read and understand.

Victoria’s journal was formal as it has some hard words like: Train bearers, mantel, dalmatic robe and surplice; these were new words to us and we had to use the dictionary to find their meanings, this made the diary extract very hard to follow and understand.

Iyomon’s is chatty and the words are easy today’s words, on the other hand Victoria’s is official and the words are very hard as Princess Beatrice rewrote Victoria’s over 100 years ago. 

Hers was done in a scrapbook.

Hard words.

Lots of people came to her coronation.
Iyomons was done by my teacher as blogs.

Easy words which I understand.

Iyomon’s experiences like: She was allowed to go outside when ever for sleepovers and to the forest. 

Iyomons has very different language like she says ‘fan club’ whilst Victoria’s has loyal subjects. Very Posh!!

I prefer Iyomons blogs because it’s easy to read and understand.

Lesson Wish and Love
I like the lesson and I really enjoyed it; I really liked learning about the history and I think MS Nimmons’ blogs about Princess Iyomon is really fun and entertaining. I fully understand all the history in them. 


Blog or Journal

LO: to compare two types of diary writing 

Task: Compare Princess Victoria’s journal extracts with Princess Iyomon’s blogs

What style is each one written in?
What sort of language is used?
What is the same about both logs?
What is different about them?
What do you like about each one?
What do you find challenging about each one?
Which do you prefer and why?

L.O. To compare two types of diary writing.
We are comparing the log of Victoria and Princess Iyommon, Victoria’s diary was rewritten by her daughter Princess Beatrice by her mother’s strict instructions.
·        Princess Victoria’s journal is formal (as if she was writing a letter) whereas princess Iyommons blog is informal and chatty (as if she was writing to a friend).

·        Princess Victoria was writing her life in chronological order on the other hand Princess Iyommon was writing the major events as it went by.

·        Both Princess Iyommon and Princess Victoria had their diary/journal written on verbal or non-verbal information.

·        Both logs are about very old events and automatically corrected by computer, as they are too precious to be handled by the public

One cannot select between two such great works as they are both very high in quality and quantity. For instance:

·        Victoria’s diary includes: her visit to Charlton Manor and her subjects, such as: Lady Caroline, Lady Mary, and Lady Anne. And her experiences when she was on her way to her coronation and her emotions as she slowly ambled to the robbing room also her feelings as she saw all the people who turned out to see her.

·        Iyomon’s blogs described all the big events that took place such as: when she visited her maternal granddad: all her aunties and uncles as they picked her up and their delighted faces at how heavy she was.

·        Overall I like Princess Iyommons as it is easy to relate to and is easily understandable; however, I also like princess Victoria’s explanations about her uncle’s death and the way she wrote about all the formalities she had to follow during her coronation.

·        It is of the hardest decision to select between the two but nevertheless I choose Princess Victoria because of the structure, language and wise choice of words; it may not be easy to understand but it is perfect for all types of writing, consequently giving Victoria a notch up against Iyomon.

Lesson evaluation: I enjoyed this lesson very much; it needed a lot of imaginitivi­ty J By KK
Teacher feedback: Wow, what can I say to this? Great, great, great!

Letter About The King's Health

 Kensington Palace .

30th April 2010.

 My Dearest Uncle,

 How are you? Thank you for your letter, it was really informative and useful. The contents were very kind and good and had clear views. It had a lot of excellent advice. Can you accept my thanks for it and my views on it too?

Before I say anything else, I am very contented to have Stockmar here. His helpful skills make a big difference and builds up my confidence and believe me, I really trust him and must always be grateful for having him.

On the king’s health, I may say that he is hopeless and cannot recover ultimately. Doctors have said that he might not live till the morning but throughout today, he has been well. It’s so upsetting to see him so ill; he has always been excellent and kind to me, I will be always grateful for that and the fact that I had someone special like him.

I look forward to the event which is likely to take place soon. I shall not at all events fail. Your advice is absolutely great and is helpful in most cases. I shall make use of this and always follow this. I am very prepared to work with the Prime Minister and the administration, in particular, Lord Melbourne, who is considerate, kind and trustworthy. I am also going to trust the all powerful being that has watched over me and will support me in anything that is yet to come.

My dearest uncle, I have got to go now. I have got an important engagement to attend to. I hope you can write again soon.

Love you lots.


Feedback of lesson: I think this lesson was really good. I had fun writing in role as Victoria, using the modern style of English. I think it was a good idea and most importantly, I enjoyed it.     

Teachers comment: You are a very imaginative writer, so I always enjoy teaching you and reading all your writing. Keep enjoying learning; this will serve you well in the future.   

Letter About The King's Health

LO:To rewrite a letter in modern day English Language.

Kensington Palace

19th June 1937

Dear Uncle,

Please accept my gratitude for your recent letter. Your advice is the most useful in the coming events. How are things in your kingdom?

Before I inform you of anything else, let me tell you that Stackmar has been of the greatest assistance. He is simply the most trustworthy person I have met by far, (excluding my mum).

The king’s health I must say is not so great. The doctors have informed us that he is likely to pass away by the morning, but we remain hopeful.

Nevertheless, I look forward to other events which are yet to come, I trust that with honesty, courage, and good will I will not fail the duties which lie before me. Your advice during these bleak times is “my guidance through the storm”, and for that I am forever in your debt.

And now I have nothing left to tell but; the good lord that has watched over me for so long will help and support me. I hope to hear from you again very soon.

Yours lovingly,



Lesson evaluation: These last two weeks have been the best so far, I am truly enjoying these lessons.

Teacher feedback: I am glad.

Letter About The King's Health

Monday 30th April 2010

Lo: to fillet a passage for relevant information.

Kennington palace

April 30th 2010.

My dearly loved Uncle,

How are you  dear uncle  and how is the queen ,I hope you and your family are all well. Thank you for the previous letter you have sent me. I found it very useful, wise and informative. A good piece of advice was also given to me by Stockmar our priceless friend. And I am also very thankful to have him as a guardian.

Before I write anything else on this letter, let me just inform you of how contented I am to have Stockmar as he been of the greatest assistance to me and be confident that he has my most entire trust.

The king’s state know I can say is hopeless the doctor said he might struggle on a few days but he cannot be revived fully; however yesterday the doctor also stated the he will not see another day but he is a bit stronger today but we are all scared if his illness becomes even worse and no pulse at all.

 Poor man I feel sorry for him because he has always been kind to me. Overall I know that god will give him a better place in the afterlife.

I look forward to the event which seems very likely to happen but I am sure I will not fail you with the help of Stockmar and you.

I beg to take my leave now love,


by KK

Letter About The King's Health

Lo: To write a letter using modern day English language.

Kensington Palace
30th April 2010

My dearest Uncle,

How are u and everyone? Please accept my greatest thanks for your last letter containing good advice which I will use and remember always.

I am also happy and grateful that I have Stockmar; he is very helpful to me and he is very smart and gives me good advice.

The king's state is hopeless; he cannot recover ultimately, yesterday the doctors said that he is very ill and may die in the early hours. I will be very upset if he does as he is very special to me and the palace. Poor old man I love him so; he's always very kind to me and I shouldn’t be ungrateful and devoid of feelings.

Uncle, I have to go to do a lesson; hope u write back soon!

 Love you lots J

Victoria (by UU)

 X x x x J

I found the lesson very interesting looking at the scrapbook and  I truly enjoyed it. I fully understand J

Teacher’s feedback: You worked really hard in the lesson, a very big well done to you.     

LO: To rewrite a letter using modern day language.
Kensington Palace

June 19th 1837 

My Dear awesome lovely Uncle,
I received the letter which you sent me to give some clearly and wise advice. My best friend Stockmar gave it to me and for this I say thank you. I hope you’re enjoying yourself and everything is alright back there. I also hope that my cousins and Family are fine too.

I am very grateful to have Stockmar around as he is very useful; he is the only person I trust.

I have some terrible news to tell you, my Uncle is dying, the doctor said he might live until the morning; now here comes the bad news HE IS DEFINITELY GOING TO DIE.

 I am not that shocked because I saw it coming. I feel so sorry for him, I wish I could stop him dying because he has always had time for me and was always very patient with me. He is the greatest Uncle I have right now, well except you of course.

 I have got a French lesson to attend so I must dash before I get into trouble with Baroness Lehzen.

Lots of love,


P.S I love you (By XX)

Lesson evaluation: I found it hard at the beginning but I understood it more after play.

Teacher feedback: I am glad you finally managed it, a very big well done to you.                                

Letter About The King's Health


Kensington Palace

Dearest Uncle,

Thank you very much four your letter. Your letter is very helpful. How are you and your family? I hope everybody fine.

When me reading your letter I think is very interesting. Every time I am reading your letter I am not tired. I am really happy and thankful. I am to have Stockman here. And I am thinking when you writing the letter you have very much time for writing because your letter is prudent, sound, excellent...

The king is ill the doctors said: he could not live till the morning.

I am really sad for him; I have lived with him for years and now as the hour’s pass,  the morning is coming and he in the morning is dead. This I am really sad about.

I am not looking forward when he is death. I know people will help me in particular Lord Melbourne because he is good man. He will help me to do well.

I have to stop now because I need to go and do some work. Please write to me soon, I like writing to you.

Love you lots.


Kensington Palace                            2010-05-02
Dearest Uncle,
Thank you very much your good letter which help me.
How are you and your Family?
I hope everybody fine.

Before I say anything else let me tell you how happy and thankful I am to have a very good Stockmar.
I am a   lucky because I have a very good Uncle.
When I am reading your letter I am crying.
The king is ill, the doctor said he will die soon.

Uncle I have to go now;   write to me soon.

I  Love you so much Uncle

Love from ,

Letter About The King's Health

LO: To fillet a passage for relevant information

       To rewrite a letter using modern day English language.

TASK: read Princess Victoria’s letter to her uncle; the language used in the letter is different from today's. Victoria's demeanour is old fashioned. 

Rewrite this letter in modern style and language.

Access the letter here:  

1st May 2010
LO: To rewrite a letter using modern day language.
Kensington palace
June 19th 1837
Dearest Uncle,
              How are you doing? It has been ages since I’ve seen you. How is the family? Your thoughtful kind letter which has just reached me, I find very useful indeed,; the  contained advice was given to me by our good friend Stockmar. I hope you will accept my best thanks for it.
              Before I write another word, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with Stockmar. He has been really supportive and my entire confidence is placed in him.
              The king’s state, I have to say is hopeless. He’s probably going to hold on for a couple more days but there is no way he can entirely recover. Yesterday the palace doctors said he would not hold till morning, but he is much better today. The problem is that his pulse is not beating and he is in a state of pain and excessive weakness.
              Poor uncle I feel bad for him; he personally has been  pretty nice to me; I would be ungrateful and selfish if I forgot this.
              I am really excited about the event which is going to happen soon with  quietness and calmness; I am surprised but at the same time I don’t suppose myself equal to all; However I trust that with good will and courage I will not fail. I did not show myself, to belong to any party and I do not belong to a party.
              I do not need to say much more but that I trust my powerful being which has watched my destinies for ages and will guide and support me, in any situation.
              Love from, your loving, caring niece,

Lesson evaluation I learned how to rewrite a letter written over 100 years ago in modern English.
Teacher’s feedback: Well done C, The last three paragraphs could have been written more in your own words.
Next step: I will write in my own words.