Thursday, 3 May 2012

Letter About The King's Health

LO:To rewrite a letter in modern day English Language.

Kensington Palace

19th June 1937

Dear Uncle,

Please accept my gratitude for your recent letter. Your advice is the most useful in the coming events. How are things in your kingdom?

Before I inform you of anything else, let me tell you that Stackmar has been of the greatest assistance. He is simply the most trustworthy person I have met by far, (excluding my mum).

The king’s health I must say is not so great. The doctors have informed us that he is likely to pass away by the morning, but we remain hopeful.

Nevertheless, I look forward to other events which are yet to come, I trust that with honesty, courage, and good will I will not fail the duties which lie before me. Your advice during these bleak times is “my guidance through the storm”, and for that I am forever in your debt.

And now I have nothing left to tell but; the good lord that has watched over me for so long will help and support me. I hope to hear from you again very soon.

Yours lovingly,



Lesson evaluation: These last two weeks have been the best so far, I am truly enjoying these lessons.

Teacher feedback: I am glad.

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