Thursday, 3 May 2012

Blog or Journal

LO: To compare two types of diary writing.

We are comparing Queen Victoria journal entry of her coronation with Princess Iyomons web logs. Queen Victoria log was written by her youngest daughter Princess Beatrice; whilst Princess Iyomons blogs are written by our teacher Mrs Nimmons from oral accounts to her by Princess Iyomon's grand children.

Princess Iyomon’s log is informal as it is chatty easy to understand like ‘We finally arrived just before darkness fell.’. This is very easy to read and understand.

Victoria’s journal was formal as it has some hard words like: Train bearers, mantel, dalmatic robe and surplice; these were new words to us and we had to use the dictionary to find their meanings, this made the diary extract very hard to follow and understand.

Iyomon’s is chatty and the words are easy today’s words, on the other hand Victoria’s is official and the words are very hard as Princess Beatrice rewrote Victoria’s over 100 years ago. 

Hers was done in a scrapbook.

Hard words.

Lots of people came to her coronation.
Iyomons was done by my teacher as blogs.

Easy words which I understand.

Iyomon’s experiences like: She was allowed to go outside when ever for sleepovers and to the forest. 

Iyomons has very different language like she says ‘fan club’ whilst Victoria’s has loyal subjects. Very Posh!!

I prefer Iyomons blogs because it’s easy to read and understand.

Lesson Wish and Love
I like the lesson and I really enjoyed it; I really liked learning about the history and I think MS Nimmons’ blogs about Princess Iyomon is really fun and entertaining. I fully understand all the history in them. 


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