Thursday, 3 May 2012

Letter About The King's Health

 Kensington Palace .

30th April 2010.

 My Dearest Uncle,

 How are you? Thank you for your letter, it was really informative and useful. The contents were very kind and good and had clear views. It had a lot of excellent advice. Can you accept my thanks for it and my views on it too?

Before I say anything else, I am very contented to have Stockmar here. His helpful skills make a big difference and builds up my confidence and believe me, I really trust him and must always be grateful for having him.

On the king’s health, I may say that he is hopeless and cannot recover ultimately. Doctors have said that he might not live till the morning but throughout today, he has been well. It’s so upsetting to see him so ill; he has always been excellent and kind to me, I will be always grateful for that and the fact that I had someone special like him.

I look forward to the event which is likely to take place soon. I shall not at all events fail. Your advice is absolutely great and is helpful in most cases. I shall make use of this and always follow this. I am very prepared to work with the Prime Minister and the administration, in particular, Lord Melbourne, who is considerate, kind and trustworthy. I am also going to trust the all powerful being that has watched over me and will support me in anything that is yet to come.

My dearest uncle, I have got to go now. I have got an important engagement to attend to. I hope you can write again soon.

Love you lots.


Feedback of lesson: I think this lesson was really good. I had fun writing in role as Victoria, using the modern style of English. I think it was a good idea and most importantly, I enjoyed it.     

Teachers comment: You are a very imaginative writer, so I always enjoy teaching you and reading all your writing. Keep enjoying learning; this will serve you well in the future.   

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