Thursday, 3 May 2012

Blog or Journal

To compare two types of diary writing

We are comparing Queen Victoria’s entry of her coronation with princess Iyomon’s web blogs. Queen Victoria’s log was rewritten by her youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice whereas Princess Iyomon’s blogs are written by our teacher, Fidelia Nimmons, where she heard the information from princess Iyomon’s very own grand children. 

What is the style of each one? 
Princess Iyomon’s diary entry is informal, which means it’s used in a form of when you are talking or writing to your best friends of members of your family. In princess Iyomon’s diary entry you’ll notice that it’s written to her best friend Uwa, which links to being informal. Some informal words and sentences that princess Iyomon uses in the text is; ‘picks me up like a two year old, cheers for now, I have a fan club to build;’, and some more. Princess Victoria’s diary entry is written a bit different, because it’s formal, which is strictly following the accepted rules and big words and a bit difficult to read. In the text, Queen Victoria uses some formal words and sentences such as, ‘millions of my loyal subjects, assembled in every spot;’, and much more.  

What Information is included in each?    
In Queen Victoria’s journal, she describes her loyal subjects in other words are people. She says that their good and excessive humour was beyond everything and she couldn’t really explain how delighted and pleased and exquisite she felt to be the queen of such a nation. She also described her emotions and relations between her family and friends. 

On the other hand, Princess Iyomon described her journey to her maternal granddad’s house and the type of sounds and paths they walked through such as , various windy forest paths and how many hours it took to get to her destination. She said that she played with her cousins and at the very end of her log, she said;, ‘Cheers for now, I have to build a fan club’.

What is the same about both logs?
Both Victoria and princess Iyomon’s logs were written by different people because Victoria’s log was written by her youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice. Princess Iyomon’s log was written by our teacher called Fidelia Nimmons, where the information was collected by princess Iyomon’s very own granddaughters.  

What was different about both logs?
What was different about both logs is that princess Iyomon’s log was informal and Victoria’s log was formal. In Princess Iyomon’s log she used very chatty words and some slang whereas Victoria’s log was very hard to understand and had old English in it. 
What do you like about each one? / What did you find challenging?
Princess Iyomon: I liked that in princess Iyomon’s log, she used modern day language and it was easy to read and understand. I also liked that she used some phrases and words that children use these days because it could have been complicated to read but instead it was easy to read and funny at the same time. I did not find anything challenging.

Victoria: I liked that in Victoria’s log, she explained her emotions and how proud she was to be the Queen. I liked that she never just mentioned ladies, she wrote down all of their names to be a bit more specific. What I found challenging about this text is that, there was so many difficult words and it definitely wasn’t easy to read.

What one do you prefer and why?

All in all, I prefer princess Iyomon’s log because it was really exiting and absolutely fun. I liked that she used some slang and every single word was easy to understand. It felt almost as if it was real because your family member does what she mentioned in the text. The reason why I did not choose Victoria’s log is because there were no paragraphs, too much explaining on one subject and lots of difficult words. She also used old English and it was like it was a recount.


Feedback on lesson: I really enjoyed learning about this, it was really fun and I was getting into it more and more. I fully understand the history in the lesson.
Teacher's Comment: I look forward to teaching you the next lesson; it’s all very exciting for me too!

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