Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Queen Victoria Love and Marriage

LO: to research facts about Queen Victoria's Love and Marriage. 

      2) To write about: The Most Influential Person in my Life

Victoria's Uncle King Leopold 1 of the Belgians seemed to have had a lot of influence in her life e.g. arranging for her to meet her future husband.

Who is the most influential person in your own life?
What does this person do to influence your actions?
What could life be without this person's influence?


The Most Influential Person in my life

My mum is the most influential person in my opinion because she’s always there for me and looks after and treats me the way a real mum is supposed to.

I love my mum because she is so special;  she gives me special treatment when I’m hurt or anything bad happens to me. She looks out for me everywhere to see if I’m alright and does lots more things for me.

She gets me to do my homework when I’m not interested in it, even when I am difficult; before I used to think that she was making me do my homework because she was being mean but now, I realize she’s doing it for my sake; she doesn’t want me to be a low life person on the street without no home or anything of the sort; she wants me to grow up to be a big man.

 My mum wants me to succeed in life, she most of all wants me to go university to achieve the chance to be a big man with a big house and good job. That’s why my mum is the most influential person in my life.


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