Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Queen Victoria Love and Marriage

8th May 2012

LO: To write about the most influential person in my life. 

The most Inspirational person in the world is the most famous teacher, Fidelia Nimmons.

This teacher helps me with my writing and in science. She is a really kind and lovable teacher; she makes me understand every word she says so that I don’t get confused.

Miss Nimmons also put up a special website called Kingdom of Benin blogs. This helps me with every subject I do; without Miss Nimmons, I would have been a level two in English, Science and Spelling; and I do not want to be in secondary school with a level 2; that would be disgraceful for me.

Now that I have Miss Nimmons, I can do anything since I’m a level 5; I can do the things that were Impossible for me before and I’m now that I’m in the top group as well, I feel really enthusiastic and joyful. That’s why I think Miss Nimmons is the most influential person in my life.

Teachers comment: Thank you B, I much appreciate this.
My comment: Thanks. Next step: I’ll use even more powerful words.

The most Influential person in my life
My Nan is the most influential person in my life, she helps me with my homework. She helped show me around Peckham when I was little. She is supportive when I’m boxing, telling me to knock people out. She lets my friends stay over, and she lets me stay over at her house any time I want.

The most Influential thing my Nan had done for me is she made me go to boxing so I would be a heavyweight champion. At the time I was getting bulled, and she said that to stop the bullies I should go to boxing and get tough.

Without my Nan my life would be a misery because the bullies would have kept on bullying me and I would feel unhappy and scared.

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