Thursday, 3 May 2012

Blog or Journal

LO: To compare two types of diary writing.

We are comparing Queen Victoria’s journal entry of her coronation as Queen with Princess Iyomon web logs. Queen Victoria’s log had to be rewritten by her youngest daughter Princess Beatrice; whilst Mrs Nimmons (our teacher) writes Princess Iyomon’s web logs (blog).

The first way they are different is that Queen Victoria wrote in formal style whilst Princes Iyomon’s blogs are in informal style.

The second way is their use of language. Princess Iyomon’s blogs uses chatty and personal language such as “ What a day I’ve had!”. On the other hand, Queen Victoria used official and impersonal language like “rendered the spectacle most imposing”. That is one of the reasons why I like Princess Iyomon’s more than Queen Victoria’s.

Queen Victoria used information about her fans and how she felt about everything; she also wrote about her loyal subjects and described how they dressed. Princess iyomion used language which tells us that she was not yet very popular because she is young and not that many people know her.

One of the differences is that both of them did not write the logs. Our teacher wrote for Princess Iyomon and Princess Beatrice rewrote Queen Victoria’s, no doubt adding some more details than the original. We can tell this from Queen Victoria’s journal initially starts with the time included e.g. “At 10, I got into the stage coach;” “Reached the Abbey a little after past 11”. As other events do not have time alongside them, it is safe to say that most of this journal log was written by Princess Beatrice.

I liked how Princess Iyomon’s uses chatty and informal style. The language used is very good too and I could relate to them. I did not like Queen Victoria’s because of the unfamiliar words and the organisation, there were no paragraphs used and little punctuation, these made it hard for me to read and understand. 

I think I prefer Princess Iyomon’s because of how it is written out.

Today I learnt how to compare two different types of diaries in terms of their style and the language used and how these affects the reader's understanding of them. It was a fun lesson. 

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