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Questions for Young Victoria 2

LO: to compose different question types for Young Victoria.
Questions for Victoria
1. Where were you born?
2. Who lives at the palace with you?
3. When did your father die?
4. What is your mother’s name?
5. How did you feel having no friends?
6. What was the best day in your childhood?
7. On what occasions did you mix with children your own age?
8. Did you ever ask your mother if you could go and play with other children?
9. Do you ever want to let out all your frustrations?
10. If you were one of the children in rags how would you feel?
11. If you were to run away where would you run to? 

L.O: to use a variety of sentences in a question and answer activity.

Q: Where were you born?
A: Kensington palace 4th of may 1819.

Q: Who lives at the palace with you?
A: My mother, governors and servants.

Q: When did your father die?
A: When I was four years of age.

Q: How did you feel having no friends?
A: Sad and lonely.

Q: What was the best day in your childhood?
A: When I planted a seed with my mother it was bonding.

Q: On what occasions did you mix with other children?
A: Never, ever. I did not have any cousins I was a lonely child.

Q; what do you want to be when you grow up?
A: I don’t know yet. 

Q: Did you ever ask your mother if you could go out to play with other children?
A: No, I was not allowed to play with anybody because they were dirty and poor; besides I would not want to; I am too posh, elegant and poise to play in those muddy horse-faeces ridden streets.

Q: Do you ever want to let all your frustration out?
A: Yes, definitely I wanted to lash out on a servant the other day but my mother saw my face and blinked at me; I guess she meant do not scream or break anything, ‘cause I was filled with anger and rage. Anyhow, I had to take control of myself.

Q: If you were one of the children in rags how would you feel?
A: I would feel shallow and sad because even though I would have had mates to play with, I would still be poor, hungry, and no education! {As my mother told me}, so there is no way you can have it all it either rich and sad or hungry and happy.

Q: If you decide to run away where would you run to?
A: Easy, Africa! There are loads of wild life and Africans nurture the wild life not destroy them like in England and I would love to be covered in coral beads, and I would plant my own jungle.{ I wish}

Lesson evaluation: I liked this lesson a lot as it was both fun and mesmerising.  

Questions for Young Victoria 1

LO: To compose a variety of questions.
       To orally rehearse what you are going to say, ahead of saying it.

Right there questions (questions for Young Victoria )
1. Where were you born?
2. Who lives in the palace with you?
3. When did you move into your palace?
4. When did your farther die?
5. How old are you?
6. When is your birthday?  

Think about questions (questions for Young Victoria )
1. If you were one of the children that were in rags, how would you feel?
2. Using one word how is your childhood?
3. Do you ever feel like letting all your anger out because you weren’t able to be free?
4. If you had a chance to run away from home, where would you go?
5. Do you enjoy life?
6. What was the best day in your childhood?  

Questions and answers (Q&A)
Q: Where were you born?
A: Kensington palace on the 24th may 1819.

Q: who lives in the palace with you?
A: My mother and sometimes my governess, Baroness Lehzen and my principle master, George Davys.

Q: how did you feel having no friends?
A: Sad! That is my only answer. It was terrible. I felt as if I was the loneliest girl in the world. I used to see little girls in the streets playing different types of games, but I do not have a clue what it’s called, as I never got to know about them. I would even see them in the theatre with their other friends laughing away and that made me feel like a brick wall, because no- one speaks to brick walls. Do you know what; I don’t even want to speak about it.

Q: on what occasions did you mix with other children?
A: Never, I never got to mix with other children and most importantly I never got a chance to because I was in the palace studying twenty four seven, and the only crumb of fun I got to have, was with playing with my paper dolls and I just wish that they would come alive and play with me. Well, maybe there is a reason why I don’t have any friends. I’m just so upset.

Q: do you ever feel like letting all your anger out?
A: yes, I always do, of course. I always have to stick a big smile on my face to make it look like I’m enjoying life. It’s very difficult to hold my tears in but I can’t cry because it will make me look like a wimp.

Q: What was the best day in your childhood? 
A: There was not one day that I enjoyed. If I was to choose one day, it would be the day when I visited the Chatsworth house, with all the beautiful decorations and the glass sculptures. It was wonderful, but it felt very much like I was in my palace. My childhood was terrible, just terrible.  


Different Cultures

Lo: to read about experiences of 2 Princesses from 2 different cultures.
Princess Iyiomon
Young Victoria

Princess Iyiomon was born in 1884 in Benin.

Princess Iyiomon always went out hunting with other princes and princesses; she also had good hunting skills.

She went everywhere with Uwa her friend to have fun with her.

Princess Iyiomon always behaved like a royal princess.

Princess Iyiomon was well educated because her siblings taught her a lot of new things.

Princess Iyiomon went out with her friends and siblings to find new things to learn from and about.

When it was raining, a storyteller came over to tell princess Iyiomon and her siblings a story.

Princess Iyiomon was a very adventurous person: she went  to the rainforests to explore nature and plants and learn about things which are dangerous and risky;  sometimes, she went to the market with her friends . Occasionally she went to visit her Granddad in a different town.

Princess Iyiomon was free to go wherever she wanted and as such she had lots of fun.

Princess Iyiomon really had an awesome childhood.
Young Victoria was born in 1819 in Kensington palace on the 24th May.

Young Victoria kept a journal which her mum gave her to record her experiences.

Young Victoria was unable to go out of the palace because king Williams was worried about her going out of the palace.

Young Victoria had to study the same subjects (Geography, natural history, writring, arithmetic, french, drawing , genral knowledge, dance. Spellings) every day three hours a day.

Life for Young Victoria seemed like being a prisoner inside a palace. She never goes outside to have some free time.

She played with paper dolls and sometimes painted them.
When it’s raining, young Victoria did not have any advertisement e.g. A storyteller or other exciting activities.

Young Victoria had no friends to play with as she was the only child; she never mixed with other children.

Young Victoria was talented at singing, drawing and painting and she did a lot of subjects.

Young Victoria found her childhood a very harsh, terrible and disastrous time; she described it as a very sad time of her life.

 One new thing I liked and learnt was the historic information of Princess Iyiomon and Young Victoria and liked the part where we compared Young Victoria’s life with Princess Iyiomon.   

Two Different Experiences

Lo: to read about experiences of two princesses from two different cultures in the  1800S.

LO: to makes notes of key points from class reading and discussions.

Young Victoria was not born a princess but princess Iyiomon was. Young Victoria was born to a duke whereas princess Iyiomon was daughter of a king. Africans did not keep diaries until very recently but stories were conveyed from generation to generation anyway.
Princess Iyiomon would go hunting with a group, but young Victoria was not at all as active as princess Iyiomon because she would just stay at the Kensington palace alone. Princess Iyiomon could study nature as well as she could learn from her siblings but young Victoria did not have any siblings nor did she have any rainforest so she did not have much to explore.

Princess Iyiomon had many more skills than young Victoria because young Victoria only learnt educational subjects whereas; Princess Iyiomon learnt a variety of subjects other than arithmetic, science and nature study. Princess Iyiomon could do whatever she liked but she was still responsible and respected herself as a royal princess whereas young Victoria was watched simultaneously throughout her childhood because she had to be at a certain place and at a certain time. She had a time table of three hours study to follow daily.

Princess Iyiomon was very outgoing, she with other princesses and their explored the forest whereas young Victoria had no social life and instead played with paper dolls and at times went  to the opera and theatre.

One love and one wish on the lesson.
Love: I enjoyed this lesson especially the part we were doing the story telling of Queen Victoria. I do not have any wishes for this lesson, apart from doing it for a bit longer.

Facts about Young Victoria

Facts about Young Victoria

Young Victoria was the only child; she was born in 1811.

Her father died shortly after her birth.

Young Victoria was home schooled and was quite talented at singing, drawing and painting, but was really bad at spelling lessons.

Young Victoria only had paper dolls to play with and rarely mixed with other children..

Young Victoria had her own journal that her mother had given her when she to write about her experiences when she went on her journeys.

When Young Victoria went to visit the country side (Birmingham), she wrote in her journal that the countryside was black and desolate; one house was flaming with fire; coal was everywhere and little ragged children played about.

As Young Victoria was the daughter of a duke, she was not really a princess but was still called a princess.


Notetaking of key points

We have been reading Queen Victoria Scrapbook 1897 available online:
 We have compared her childhood experiences with that of Princess Iyomon of Great Kingdom of Benin (born 1884) blogs available online: .

Notes about Victoria and Princess Iyomon (comparing) 

LO: to make notes of key points from class reading research and discussions.

1.    Victoria’s story is presented in a scrapbook whereas Princess Iyomon’s is through blogs.
2.    Victoria was born in 1819, the daughter of a Duke (Edward Duke of Kent).
3.    Iyomon was born in 1884 about 150 years ago( approx).
4.    Princess Iyomon’s dad was the king of Benin but he died when she was very young and her brother became king.
5.    Victoria never went outside the palace (Kensington) that much whereas Princess Iyomon did all the time.
6.    Princesses  Iyomon and Victoria were both royal.
7.    Princess Iyomon wore coral beads but Victoria wore just plain white dresses (see painting of her aged 11).
8.    Victoria wasn’t active (she did not leave the palace much).
9.    Princess Iyomon went hunting in groups with the big  girls.
10.                       Princess Iyomon learnt hunting skills (useful in the rainforest).
11.                       Princess Iyomon learnt outside in the forest whereas Victoria learnt inside the palace.
12.                        Princess Iyomon had many siblings and maids whereas Victoria had a governess and was an only child.
13.                       Princess Iyomon explored nature more than Victoria.
14.                        Princess Iyomon got to do a variety of thing whereas Victoria stayed inside her palace and learnt academic subjects all the time.
15.                       Princess Iyomon was free to do whatever she wanted to do but still obeyed the rules and still acted like a royal; Victoria’s governess kept a strict eye on her.
16.                       Princess Iyomon had plenty more fun than Victoria.
17.                       Princess Iyomon had lots of siblings and friends to learn from whereas Victoria just played with paper dolls and got taught by the governess.
18.                       Princess Iyomon had a story teller who came to the palace to entertain them with stories, whereas Victoria got taken to the opera and theatre.
19.                       When Victoria went to  the Chatsworth house, she saw a chained monkey whereas where Princess Iyomon lives, the animals are free.
20.                       Victoria rarely mixed with other children and she couldn’t be adventurous.
21.                         Princess Iyomon could go out of the palace to play with her friends, Victoria had no close friends.
22.                       When Princess Iyomon couldn’t go out to play, her sisters taught her new things, this was not the same for Victoria.
23.                       Princess Iyomon could go to the market and buy things all by herself or with her friends; Victoria had all the shopping done for her.

Lesson Love: I loved this lesson because I got to look at two different princesses and compare them and find out about their childhood. Another thing that I liked is, many people will think that young Victoria got taken everywhere but she actually didn’t.  

Lesson Wish: I wish that when we were going around the classroom saying different things that we know about Victoria, it could have been quieter because people were too excited to speak.

Notes made by TT 

Princess Iyomon's Great Grand Children in 2009 (some)