Friday, 27 April 2012

Two Different Experiences

Lo: to read about experiences of two princesses from two different cultures in the  1800S.

LO: to makes notes of key points from class reading and discussions.

Young Victoria was not born a princess but princess Iyiomon was. Young Victoria was born to a duke whereas princess Iyiomon was daughter of a king. Africans did not keep diaries until very recently but stories were conveyed from generation to generation anyway.
Princess Iyiomon would go hunting with a group, but young Victoria was not at all as active as princess Iyiomon because she would just stay at the Kensington palace alone. Princess Iyiomon could study nature as well as she could learn from her siblings but young Victoria did not have any siblings nor did she have any rainforest so she did not have much to explore.

Princess Iyiomon had many more skills than young Victoria because young Victoria only learnt educational subjects whereas; Princess Iyiomon learnt a variety of subjects other than arithmetic, science and nature study. Princess Iyiomon could do whatever she liked but she was still responsible and respected herself as a royal princess whereas young Victoria was watched simultaneously throughout her childhood because she had to be at a certain place and at a certain time. She had a time table of three hours study to follow daily.

Princess Iyiomon was very outgoing, she with other princesses and their explored the forest whereas young Victoria had no social life and instead played with paper dolls and at times went  to the opera and theatre.

One love and one wish on the lesson.
Love: I enjoyed this lesson especially the part we were doing the story telling of Queen Victoria. I do not have any wishes for this lesson, apart from doing it for a bit longer.

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