Friday, 27 April 2012

Different Cultures

Lo: to read about experiences of 2 Princesses from 2 different cultures.
Princess Iyiomon
Young Victoria

Princess Iyiomon was born in 1884 in Benin.

Princess Iyiomon always went out hunting with other princes and princesses; she also had good hunting skills.

She went everywhere with Uwa her friend to have fun with her.

Princess Iyiomon always behaved like a royal princess.

Princess Iyiomon was well educated because her siblings taught her a lot of new things.

Princess Iyiomon went out with her friends and siblings to find new things to learn from and about.

When it was raining, a storyteller came over to tell princess Iyiomon and her siblings a story.

Princess Iyiomon was a very adventurous person: she went  to the rainforests to explore nature and plants and learn about things which are dangerous and risky;  sometimes, she went to the market with her friends . Occasionally she went to visit her Granddad in a different town.

Princess Iyiomon was free to go wherever she wanted and as such she had lots of fun.

Princess Iyiomon really had an awesome childhood.
Young Victoria was born in 1819 in Kensington palace on the 24th May.

Young Victoria kept a journal which her mum gave her to record her experiences.

Young Victoria was unable to go out of the palace because king Williams was worried about her going out of the palace.

Young Victoria had to study the same subjects (Geography, natural history, writring, arithmetic, french, drawing , genral knowledge, dance. Spellings) every day three hours a day.

Life for Young Victoria seemed like being a prisoner inside a palace. She never goes outside to have some free time.

She played with paper dolls and sometimes painted them.
When it’s raining, young Victoria did not have any advertisement e.g. A storyteller or other exciting activities.

Young Victoria had no friends to play with as she was the only child; she never mixed with other children.

Young Victoria was talented at singing, drawing and painting and she did a lot of subjects.

Young Victoria found her childhood a very harsh, terrible and disastrous time; she described it as a very sad time of her life.

 One new thing I liked and learnt was the historic information of Princess Iyiomon and Young Victoria and liked the part where we compared Young Victoria’s life with Princess Iyiomon.   

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