Friday, 27 April 2012

Questions for Young Victoria 1

LO: To compose a variety of questions.
       To orally rehearse what you are going to say, ahead of saying it.

Right there questions (questions for Young Victoria )
1. Where were you born?
2. Who lives in the palace with you?
3. When did you move into your palace?
4. When did your farther die?
5. How old are you?
6. When is your birthday?  

Think about questions (questions for Young Victoria )
1. If you were one of the children that were in rags, how would you feel?
2. Using one word how is your childhood?
3. Do you ever feel like letting all your anger out because you weren’t able to be free?
4. If you had a chance to run away from home, where would you go?
5. Do you enjoy life?
6. What was the best day in your childhood?  

Questions and answers (Q&A)
Q: Where were you born?
A: Kensington palace on the 24th may 1819.

Q: who lives in the palace with you?
A: My mother and sometimes my governess, Baroness Lehzen and my principle master, George Davys.

Q: how did you feel having no friends?
A: Sad! That is my only answer. It was terrible. I felt as if I was the loneliest girl in the world. I used to see little girls in the streets playing different types of games, but I do not have a clue what it’s called, as I never got to know about them. I would even see them in the theatre with their other friends laughing away and that made me feel like a brick wall, because no- one speaks to brick walls. Do you know what; I don’t even want to speak about it.

Q: on what occasions did you mix with other children?
A: Never, I never got to mix with other children and most importantly I never got a chance to because I was in the palace studying twenty four seven, and the only crumb of fun I got to have, was with playing with my paper dolls and I just wish that they would come alive and play with me. Well, maybe there is a reason why I don’t have any friends. I’m just so upset.

Q: do you ever feel like letting all your anger out?
A: yes, I always do, of course. I always have to stick a big smile on my face to make it look like I’m enjoying life. It’s very difficult to hold my tears in but I can’t cry because it will make me look like a wimp.

Q: What was the best day in your childhood? 
A: There was not one day that I enjoyed. If I was to choose one day, it would be the day when I visited the Chatsworth house, with all the beautiful decorations and the glass sculptures. It was wonderful, but it felt very much like I was in my palace. My childhood was terrible, just terrible.  


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