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Notetaking of key points

We have been reading Queen Victoria Scrapbook 1897 available online:
 We have compared her childhood experiences with that of Princess Iyomon of Great Kingdom of Benin (born 1884) blogs available online: .

Notes about Victoria and Princess Iyomon (comparing) 

LO: to make notes of key points from class reading research and discussions.

1.    Victoria’s story is presented in a scrapbook whereas Princess Iyomon’s is through blogs.
2.    Victoria was born in 1819, the daughter of a Duke (Edward Duke of Kent).
3.    Iyomon was born in 1884 about 150 years ago( approx).
4.    Princess Iyomon’s dad was the king of Benin but he died when she was very young and her brother became king.
5.    Victoria never went outside the palace (Kensington) that much whereas Princess Iyomon did all the time.
6.    Princesses  Iyomon and Victoria were both royal.
7.    Princess Iyomon wore coral beads but Victoria wore just plain white dresses (see painting of her aged 11).
8.    Victoria wasn’t active (she did not leave the palace much).
9.    Princess Iyomon went hunting in groups with the big  girls.
10.                       Princess Iyomon learnt hunting skills (useful in the rainforest).
11.                       Princess Iyomon learnt outside in the forest whereas Victoria learnt inside the palace.
12.                        Princess Iyomon had many siblings and maids whereas Victoria had a governess and was an only child.
13.                       Princess Iyomon explored nature more than Victoria.
14.                        Princess Iyomon got to do a variety of thing whereas Victoria stayed inside her palace and learnt academic subjects all the time.
15.                       Princess Iyomon was free to do whatever she wanted to do but still obeyed the rules and still acted like a royal; Victoria’s governess kept a strict eye on her.
16.                       Princess Iyomon had plenty more fun than Victoria.
17.                       Princess Iyomon had lots of siblings and friends to learn from whereas Victoria just played with paper dolls and got taught by the governess.
18.                       Princess Iyomon had a story teller who came to the palace to entertain them with stories, whereas Victoria got taken to the opera and theatre.
19.                       When Victoria went to  the Chatsworth house, she saw a chained monkey whereas where Princess Iyomon lives, the animals are free.
20.                       Victoria rarely mixed with other children and she couldn’t be adventurous.
21.                         Princess Iyomon could go out of the palace to play with her friends, Victoria had no close friends.
22.                       When Princess Iyomon couldn’t go out to play, her sisters taught her new things, this was not the same for Victoria.
23.                       Princess Iyomon could go to the market and buy things all by herself or with her friends; Victoria had all the shopping done for her.

Lesson Love: I loved this lesson because I got to look at two different princesses and compare them and find out about their childhood. Another thing that I liked is, many people will think that young Victoria got taken everywhere but she actually didn’t.  

Lesson Wish: I wish that when we were going around the classroom saying different things that we know about Victoria, it could have been quieter because people were too excited to speak.

Notes made by TT 

Princess Iyomon's Great Grand Children in 2009 (some)

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