Thursday, 3 May 2012

Letter About The King's Health

Lo: To write a letter using modern day English language.

Kensington Palace
30th April 2010

My dearest Uncle,

How are u and everyone? Please accept my greatest thanks for your last letter containing good advice which I will use and remember always.

I am also happy and grateful that I have Stockmar; he is very helpful to me and he is very smart and gives me good advice.

The king's state is hopeless; he cannot recover ultimately, yesterday the doctors said that he is very ill and may die in the early hours. I will be very upset if he does as he is very special to me and the palace. Poor old man I love him so; he's always very kind to me and I shouldn’t be ungrateful and devoid of feelings.

Uncle, I have to go to do a lesson; hope u write back soon!

 Love you lots J

Victoria (by UU)

 X x x x J

I found the lesson very interesting looking at the scrapbook and  I truly enjoyed it. I fully understand J

Teacher’s feedback: You worked really hard in the lesson, a very big well done to you.     

LO: To rewrite a letter using modern day language.
Kensington Palace

June 19th 1837 

My Dear awesome lovely Uncle,
I received the letter which you sent me to give some clearly and wise advice. My best friend Stockmar gave it to me and for this I say thank you. I hope you’re enjoying yourself and everything is alright back there. I also hope that my cousins and Family are fine too.

I am very grateful to have Stockmar around as he is very useful; he is the only person I trust.

I have some terrible news to tell you, my Uncle is dying, the doctor said he might live until the morning; now here comes the bad news HE IS DEFINITELY GOING TO DIE.

 I am not that shocked because I saw it coming. I feel so sorry for him, I wish I could stop him dying because he has always had time for me and was always very patient with me. He is the greatest Uncle I have right now, well except you of course.

 I have got a French lesson to attend so I must dash before I get into trouble with Baroness Lehzen.

Lots of love,


P.S I love you (By XX)

Lesson evaluation: I found it hard at the beginning but I understood it more after play.

Teacher feedback: I am glad you finally managed it, a very big well done to you.                                

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