Thursday, 3 May 2012

Blog or Journal

LO: To compare two types diary writing

We are comparing Queen Victoria’s journals entry of her coronation with princess Iyomon web logs. Queen Victoria’s log was rewritten by her youngest daughter Princess Beatrice Princess Iyomon blogs are written by our teacher from oral accounts.

What is the style of each one?
Princess Victoria is formal because is big words and hard for understand.
Princess Iyomon is informal because is easy for understand.

 What sort of languages is used?
 Princess Iyomon is Chatty because is simple.
Princess Victoria’s is official because is list of information.      

What information is included is each?
Princess Victoria’s was describing her coronation and how many people come to see her. Princess Iyomon  went to visit her granddad and describes how she played with her cousins.

What is the same about them?
Princess Victoria’s and Princess Iyomon’s both logs of long ago.

 What is difference about them?
Princess Iyomon use the blog but Princess Victoria’s is use the diary.

 What do you like about one each?
I like Princess Iyomon because she goes to adventures and Princess Victoria’s is not friends.

What do you find challenging about each one?
Queen Victoria’s hard very hard.

Which do you prefer and why?
I like Princess Iyomon because she is happy and she has friends and is go to adventures and blogs about them and I like this.

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